Thursday, 18 April 2013

Bananas protects against stomach ulcers

Bananas soothe ulcers, shows a comparison of the two groups of patients.

Ulcer patients should eat more bananas, according to Indian researchers. They have successfully tested the bananas as treatment of irritation in the stomach, which is often a precursor to a full-blown ulcer.

Bananas in India have long been used to treat various diseases, including gastric ulcers.

Bananas have a soft texture that attaches itself protective over the wound. In addition, bananas neutralize digestive juices, which is helping to develop and worsen the wound.

For further effect was a series of tests using bananas to test patients treated with tablets that contained dried banana powder. Treatment with banana powder lasted for eight weeks.

A control group was given at the same time pills without banana powder. Patients from both groups had symptoms at onset of peptic ulcer.

Three out of four patients in the banana group got relief of their symptoms, while it was only one out of five in the control group. Against this background, the researchers conclude, that bananas are a safe and effective treatment of irritation in the stomach and thus probably also stomach ulcers.

Patients who received tablets with banana powder:%
No effect25%
Patients who received tablets without banana powder%
No effect80%


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