Thursday, 18 April 2013

Broccoli against Helicobacter pylori

Infection with Helicobacter pylori is widespread all over the world. Approximately 40% of the population in industrialized countries and 70% in developing countries are carrying the virus. The bacterium can cause peptic ulcers and provides favorable conditions for the development of stomach cancer. The infection can be treated with antibiotics, but 15-20% of the infected are responding pretty much not on reading. This is due to either that infection germ penetrates into the cells of the gastric mucosa, where it is protected against antibiotics, or that patients develop resistance to antibiotics.

The above study was to find active substances which were both useful as cheap enough to be used in developing countries. The researchers found by chance that patients with stubborn ulcers got it much better by eating broccoli. The sulforafan, which can be extracted by broccolifrø, showed a strong antibiotic effect against Helicobacter pylori also on tissue samples, in which sygdomskimen was located intracellularly. The active drug was more effective than resveratol from grape husks, allicin from garlic or epigallocatechin from tea leaves. Inter alia, could lower the number of mavekræft cases sulforafan in mice, which had been previously treated with benzopyrene.


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