Thursday, 18 April 2013

Blueberries an impressive antioxidant

A number of researchers have studied fruit and vegetables for their antioxidant properties, and blueberry won – the small, dark berries are the most effective when it comes to eradicate free radicals.

In 2005, scientists found the mechanism that explains how blueberries can improve restore a healthy nerve function in aging brains. Their remarkable conclusion was that Blueberry's beneficial effects on brain function is analogous to the one you see in connection with prolonged reduction in calorie intake.

Blueberry extract helps to maintain a healthy blood flow using a variety of mechanisms, inter alia. by maintaining an already normal LDL cholesterol levels and endothelial function.

Bilberry's most active ingredients
The two most active ingredients of this health-promoting berries are antocyaniner and pterostilbene. Anthocyanins are considered to be nature's most powerful antioxidants-with features that go far beyond simply suppressing free radicals. Pterostilbene is another ingredient, which is helping to support a healthy lipid and blood sugar levels. Even more interesting is the fact that the ptero-style bene due to its unique biological effects may help to maintain healthy DNA structure.

Blueberries are attacking cancer cells
Blueberries, which Americans call "superfood", has added one more thing to his impressive list of good effects from eating them. American researchers have found out that Blueberry extract inhibits the growth of liver cancer cells and on top of that can cause them to uproot themselves. It is the great content of antioxidants, polyphenols, which helps them do this.


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