Thursday, 18 April 2013

Fenugreek gives your muscles the spice

Fenugreek is a traditional condiment in Asia and Europe. Training researchers interested in particular for bucks horns the amino acid extract, 4-hydroxyisoleukin. On the basis of the substance into the effect on glucose and insulin secretion, researchers from the University of Montana to Missoula for ­ recently examined this closer. After having cycled for 90 minutes in order to reduce the amount of glyco-gene in the muscles got some of the study participants a combination of glucose and 4-hydroxyisoleukin. The bike riders who got this combination, forming 63% more muscle glycogen during the four hours immediately after exercise compared to the participants, who only got glucose.

4-hydroxyisoleukins-enhancing effect on the restoration of muscle glycogen. If you want to try this new amino acid, take 1-2 g per kg of body weight-research shows that this is the effective dose.


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